foothill farm

Foothill farm.jpg

Julie Pavlock and Ben Ferenz
St. Ignatius, MT


Foothill Farm is a small family operation located in St. Ignatius.  Run by Julie Pavlock and Ben Ferencz with help from their daughter Evelyn, and Julie's parents Tom and Jan, they produce vegetables, hay and grass finished beef for their local market.  Along with the vegetables they raise for the Westen Montana Growers Cooperative, they also attend the Farmer's Market in Missoula and sell to area restaurants.  They are Certified Organic and Western Montana Sustainable Growers' Union (Homegrown) members who implement composting, crop rotation, cover cropping, and other organic practices.  One of the most important parts of their farm is the livestock integrated into their system.  In order to feed their animals through the winter, they raise hay and maintain pastures during the growing season.  They grow a diverse amount of vegetables, focusing on garlic, tomatoes, and squash.